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29/01/2008 Contact me... Despite rumours to the contrary, "I are not ded"! I do however feel dreadfully guilty for not having updated the site in the past year. There are various reasons for my being so incommunicado but not least amongst these is the deluge of spam over the past months to my pscience5 email address. I've spent more than three weeks wading through in excess of 15,000 emails to try and remove the odd genuine email from the dross. This has now been done and I've closed down my old email address - please see my contact page for details of how to contact me until I get a chance to update my email gif.

More in a few days. I've got quite a number of things that I need to update on the site but I'll try and get a few behind-the-scenes things done first. Thanks for hanging in there! Martin
15/01/2007 Overlays... Added TomTom's GPS update patch to the ‘Overlays’ page. It brings the GPS software in the Streetplanner and Routeplanner software up to v1.70 which improves its stability. Unfortunately it seems to have vanished from the web and TomTom no longer support the software. My thanks to Duncan Ross for passing it on.
09/01/2007 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added ETools to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. ETools is a suite of unique Engineering Tools. It calculates and solves problems for Stress, Vibrations, Differential Equations and Algebra. It's got a Numerical problem solver and lots more.
06/01/2007 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added JotPad to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. JotPad is a special jotter application for the Revo that can make quick entries into Agenda without having to open Agenda.
05/01/2007 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Contact Manager to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Contact Manager is a Contact Management application which allows you to manage efficiently all your interaction with contacts, both business and personal. Contact Manager offers full compatibility with the built in Data, Agenda and Internet software which allows linking of the built in applications. Contact Manager is fast and allows contact information to be found quickly and with the minimum number of keypresses.
03/01/2007 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added LottoWizard to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Bankroll management is an essential element of gambling. LottoWizard is a program that will provide you with a lot of useful information on how you are doing with your National Lottery. It basically is a gambling money management system but also includes the 'Optimiser' that will calculate the best numbers for the next draw based on past drawn no's and various other powerful number generating tools. The program also provides statistics and graphs on past draws and your chosen numbers.
02/01/2007 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added HTML Designer to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. HTML Designer is an HTML & WML editor, for creating and maintaining web pages. Designed for use by those already familiar with HTML and/or WML. Happy New Year!
21/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added X-Link to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. X-Link is a hierarchical tree database application. Create shortcuts to agenda entries, contacts, folders, web sites, notes, files,… X-Link is also a powerful task switcher. X-Link provides a Today view. Use also X-Link as a reminder.
19/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Dark Horizon to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Dark Horizon is a space exploration / combat game. Includes pre-rendered planet-based animations, high quality digitised speech, multiple levels of difficulty, powerful computer AI, load & save options and many other features, including support for colour screens.
18/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added ProjXpert to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. ProjXpert is a Project Manager assistant. It give you the right tools to manage your professional or personal projects. It enables you to track tasks, time, costs, risks, deliverables and many more things.
17/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added RealTime to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. RealTime is a time and date application. Mainly for calculating days: birthdays, Christmas day, days to go, Easter Sunday, find the day, time to go.
16/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Compactor to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Compactor is a data file compactor. It compacts the following file types: Agenda files, Data files, Jotter files, and Help files.
15/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Trip+ to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Trip+ is a travel management utility. Trip+ will store all the information related to your trips for you, allows you to enter details for each stage of a specific trip including flight, cruise, railway, car rental, hostel, etc., helps you to track your expenses (professional or private), also manages bonuses or miles according to the airline or company, can manage both your professional and personal trips, tracks costs.

Eric Sebban - the program's author - has kindly released generic registration codes for Trip+ and DCP. These have both been added to the PocketIQ page. Thanks Eric!
14/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Bunny to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Bunny is an amusing card game based around an old card trick. Works on all EPOC machines and in colour on colour devices.
13/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Yacas to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. YACAS (Yet Another Computer Algebra System) is an easy to use, general purpose Computer Algebra System, a program for symbolic manipulation of mathematical expressions. It uses its own programming language designed for symbolic as well as arbitrary-precision numerical computations. The system has a library of scripts that implement many of the symbolic algebra operations; new algorithms can be easily added to the library. YACAS comes with extensive documentation (320+ pages) covering the scripting language, the functionality that is already implemented in the system, and the algorithms used.
12/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added ReDate to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. ReDate is a utility to run on the Psion in order to redate a file or all files in a folder to the current date. This utility may be of use to programmers who wish to ensure that all their program files are set to the same date for a release or for anyone who wishes to be able to set the date of any file or files within a folder.
11/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added DCP to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. A Desktop Manager for EPOC Devices. DCP is a complete desktop replacement and DCP supports HOTKEYS (direct access to a Desktop with CTRL+FN+)...
10/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Encrypt-It! to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Encrypt-it! is a high security file encryption utility. Available in English, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Danish, and Hungarian.
09/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Convert5 Pro to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Convert5 Pro is a professional unit conversion suite for many common and not so common units. It includes lots of ancient and other countries units as well. (e.g. Biblical, Troy, Typography, Roman, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Mexican etc). It even features unique UK salary calculations.
08/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Moon to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Moon is a small and handy application that displays the current phase of the Moon. It also tells you when is the next event coming and what is it, as well as the date of the next New Moon.
07/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added FlashBack to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. FlashBack is a fully customisable compact flash-based backup utility. It is sophisticated yet easy to use. Just create a profile of all your important files or folders that are often changed, and backup with a single push of a button anytime.
06/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Murphy5 to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Murphy5 is a simple application that displays a quote (which is usually amusing) on the screen every time you switch your Psion (or other EPOC device) on. After reading the quote, you simply hit the spacebar, and you're left to get on with your work. There are over a hundred quotes, so you're not likely to see the same one twice for quite a while. You can even set it to show you a quote once a day, or every time your organiser is switched on.
05/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Smuggers to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Smuggers is a fast paced and addictive game. You are in a world of 50 challenging mazes, with 4 enemies, the Smuggers elephant mutants, and a strange spider. Originally shareware, the author recently converted the game to be freeware.
04/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Business Warrior to the ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Business Warrior is a Sales Environment Manager for symbian devices. Associate tasks, appointment, notes for each opportunity. Calculate statistics within Business Warrior and see your status and objectives. Versions available for ER3, ER5, ER6, ER5 emulator, and ER6 emulator as well as a user manual and colour bitmaps for the ER5 version are all available for download.
03/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added Pipe5 to the new ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. Pipe5 is a strategy action game. The aim of the game is to built a pipeline as long as you can before time runs out.
02/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ Added BatCheck to the new ‘Lost & Found - PocketIQ’ page. BatCheck is a small and extremely useful application that monitors the status of the main and backup batteries. A must with rechargeable (NiCd or NiMH) batteries. These keep their voltage constant for a while, then even before your Psion gives you any warning they get exhausted. By configuring BatCheck to your own needs you will be warned in time to change batteries.
01/12/2006 Lost & Found - PocketIQ As promised yesterday, I've started a PocketIQ page. First entry is Bob Heppel's dCalc program. dCalc is a fully featured RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator as popularised by Hewlett-Packard. Available in English, French, German, and Italian. Removed same from ‘Lost & Found - Applications’ page where I had a copy previously.
30/11/2006 Lost & Found I'll be adding a new page to the ‘Lost & Found’ collections soon - expect to see a PocketIQ page appear in the next few days. Like Neuon, i27, Xtep, etc. pages, it will be a collection of all the programs formerly available on the PocketIQ website which alas is no more. Again like these other pages, I'll build it up bit by bit, one program at a time as my own free time allows. So enough to keep me busy for many weeks basically!
27/11/2006 Lost & Found - Games... Psion Games - a website long since gone - offered a couple of games for purchase - PGBalls and PGLines. I've uploaded the demo version of both of these to the ‘Lost & Found - Games’ page together with instructions added to their zip files. My thanks to Alex218 for suggestion these programs.
24/11/2006 Lost & Found - Neuon stuff... Added SoundOff to the ‘Lost & Found - Neuon’ page. SoundOff is a simple utility that toggles the sound on and off via the extras bar. Sound state can also be determined by the icon on the extras bar, very useful when you need to know when the sound is off.
23/11/2006 Lost & Found - Neuon stuff... Added Castle III to the ‘Lost & Found - Neuon’ page. Castle III is the third in the Castle series of role playing games, and the first to run on versions 1-5 of Symbian OS. In Castle III, you play the part of a hero out to defeat the evil Storm Queen, who has taken all the maidens from your village. To do this, you\'ll have to face many different monsters, while visiting shops to buy new weapons and spells to help you.
21/11/2006 Lost & Found - Neuon stuff... Added HexEditor to the ‘Lost & Found - Neuon’ page. It's an advanced programmer hex editor application and features such functions as real time decimal/binary information, a hexadecimal calculator and file search and replace. Also added a HexEditor 'Decompiler' plugin module with it.
20/11/2006 Lost & Found - Games... With thanks again to Alex218 for suggesting it, I've also uploaded RockFall to the ‘Lost & Found - Games’ page. Rockfall is a one player game based on the age old game Boulder Dash. However, in this version you have to guide your trusty remote controlled robotic miner around the perilous mine avoiding falling rocks and solving puzzles. Originally shareware by Julian Samphire and also published in 1998 on the PlanetEPOC website, I think this can safely be called 'Abandonware' now and so I've supplied it with a generic registration code. (Don't forget to download the colour icon and patch from the Colour Icons page if you're using it on a colour machine)
17/11/2006 Lost & Found - Games... Added Psimple Psimon to the ‘Lost & Found - Games’. Psimple Psimon - Freeware by Julian Samphire - was originally published in 1998 on the long since defunct PlanetEPOC website. It's a simple memory game based on the electronic version of Simple Simon. My thanks to Alex218 for suggestion this program.

My apologies to anyone who's awaiting an email reply from me to anything. I am trying to catch up with all my emails and should be back on top of things in the next few days.
14/11/2006 Xtra Software... After another long break, I'm back. Hopefully with slightly more regular updates than there's been in recent months. For reasons that I won't go into here, life has become a lot more busier and interesting in recent months so please bear with me.

First update is that Alexey Semenov got in touch to say that his SDict and SView programs have been updated to v1.7.9 and v1.5.3 respectively. He's also released a new program called Sdjvu for viewing DjVu format files and so this has been added to the Xtra Software page too - thanks Alexey!

In the interests of keeping the Pscience5 home page to a manageable size (and of keeping loading times down) I've moved some of the previous Pscience5 index-page entries to their own page.

What is Pscience5?:
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Pscience5.net - or Pscience5 if you prefer - has evolved over the years from being my home site for just publishing my own EPOC programs into something a little bigger and - I hope - more interesting.  I still publish and maintain my own EPOC software here (together with some other programs that I've taken over from other authors) and at the last count this numbers some 16 programs - all freeware of course.  I also however publish EPOC or PDA-related articles, collections of various EPOC things (replacement colour icons and patches, macros, overlays for TomTom's route-planning programs, databases, wallpaper, etc.), a links page with over 170 EPOC site links, and more recently a collection of seemingly abandoned EPOC programs from other authors/software houses.  See the individual pages (links above) for further details.  All of these pages and collections are intended to be 'live' documents - in other words, I try to maintain and grow them on an ongoing basis.  Hence I am very dependent upon contributions and suggestions from other Psion users - and I greatly appreciate every single one of the inputs I get.  So I always try to encourage anyone and everyone to email me with their comments/feedback/suggestions/own work/etc. - and I try to respond to every email I receive.
I don't use frames on this site because - whilst the ER5 (5mx, Series 7, etc.) machines can handle them - it wastes a lot of valuable screen space on scroll bars.  Also, the ER1-4 machines (Series 5 / Geofox / Osaris) can't cope with them at all...  However, the pages on the site are designed to automatically size themselves to the width of your viewing window - so they should cope with 640 pixels width no problem - and they automatically optimise themselves to make best use of larger resolution displays as well.  Also, I have posted many of the articles, etc. as downloadable EPOC files in case people would rather copy and read at their leisure.

Pscience5 is Frames Free

And in case you're wondering about the site's name, it was originally intended just as a pun on the Series 5 name - the combination of "Psion's 5" with "science".  Since then of course there have been further Psion (and other manufacturers') devices made - and indeed discontinued!  Nowadays I tend to think of it as a pun on "Psion's (ER)5" - since most of the recent Psion machines were based around the ER5 version of the OS!

One other thing to mention is that the Pscience5.net site is totally generated, maintained, and uploaded from a Psion. Usually this is from my 64Mb netBook over my WiFi broadband connection at home (or of course any other link available if I'm travelling on business) and it's done using the quite superb (and free) database program from Kevin Millican; PsiDat. See my article on doing this here. There's something extremely satisfying and very apt / apposite in being able to do all of this without having to make any use of or pass through a PC. It is this independance, after all, that made and continues to make Psions different from other PDAs on the marketplace.

If you have comments, suggestions, contributions, or questions please email me at Anti-SPAM email image: just type it in as you read it - or click here for web-based email form

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